Friday, February 01, 2008

Ann Coulter's vows to support Hillary if McCain nominated

Hot Air has a thread up which addresses comments recently made by Ann Coulter in which she states that she would rather campaign for Hillary Clinton than vote for John McCain.

I've been denouncing Senator John McCain for as long as I've been following politics. I have no use for him as a politician. I have stated many many times I'll not be supporting the Senator's campaign, and the only good thing that I can see coming from his winning the nomination would be if he resigned as a Senator. That would be something I would cheer, however unlike Bob Dole, I'm betting that the NY Times doesn't call on him to resign from the Senate.

The New York Times, which has solidly opposed all conservative ideas, labeled them as Fascist, is telling us to unite behind McCain. Look, I don't like my enemies telling me how to do things. Enemies you say, you call Liberals enemies? Yes, I do from a philosophical standpoint. We have to realize that Liberals never give up ground on their ideals. Compromise to a Liberal is that you agree with them and they'll stop talking bad about you.

Nuts. I agree with Ann Coulter, I agree with the seventy percent of the Republican Party that opposes John McCain. I agree with the millions of people who have sworn to oppose McCain come hell and high water.

Senator McCain. You may well win the nomination, and if you do, expect all those friends from the left to turn on you like a rabid dog. You'll be the most demonized Republican short of Rumsfeld. When that happens, and you see what we've been saying for years, that you can't trust a liberal in Washington, don't cry to us about it.

If McCain does win the Nomination, I expect a landslide win for either Obama or Clinton. The Media will happily compare it to Reagan's wins in 80 and 84.

I will personally celebrate the loss Senator. It took a loss by President Ford to bring us President Jimmy Carter. It took a Jimmy Carter to bring us Ronald Reagan. It took Bob Dole to bring us a Moderately Conservative President in the form of George Bush. If McCain is the inevitable nominee as is reported, then I'm about to start a movement here. Conservatives for Obama. Go Obama.

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