Monday, April 09, 2007

When will the Liberals denounce the savages?

Take a moment, and search through the news stories about the use of Chemical weapons, specifically Chlorine Gas bombs, find the denouncement of the action as a violation of the Geneva Conventions. Other than a mention or two from the Conservative sites, nothing from Human Rights Watch or other "Geneva Convention defenders" around.

Wait, I thought that the self appointed duty of these far left wing loonies was to demand action in situations where the Geneva Conventions may have been bent, or dare I say even broken. They denounce every action of the United States as violating some section of the Geneva Conventions, yet never do they bother to explain what each violation may actually be. Recently, 15 British Sailors were captured by the Nation of Iran, and we all watched the daily televised confessions, each daily confession being more detailed than the one before. Yet, HRW decided that this wasn't a violation of the Geneva Conventions, since Iran and Britain aren't at War, however HRW doesn't use such fine legal examination of situations when we, the United States, capture a citizen of Jordan, in Iraq, who is fighting against the United States. Certainly HRW ignores that fine legalistic view when we capture a Jordanian or other Foreign National in Iraq. In fact, you can find a grand denunciation of the Tribunerals which are examining the evidence of these fine upstanding individuals who are murdering and torturing people, in violation of the same Geneva Conventions I might add.

Look at any of the far left wing websites, try and find a page where the left wing loonies denounce the savages who use chlorine gas to murder civilians in Iraq. You would have a far easier time finding a needle in a haystack, for you would at least know that the needle existed. Liberal Outrage exists, only for the United States and other "Westernized" Nations. No dictator need worry that the Liberals may get outraged at their actions.

When will Human Rights Watch or any other left wing organization like the ACLU demand the UN stop the human rights abuses of the Terrorists? When will the ACLU or the Brady Gun Ban folks denounce the use of Chemical Weapons on Civilians? When will the usual Left Wing Attorneys who flocked to Iraq to defend Saddam, file court papers demanding the Judge issue an injunction, prohibiting the Terrorists from kidnapping and murdering civilians in violation of international accords? They haven't so far, and the left wing loonies won't be honest in my lifetime.


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