Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mexican Government denounces American Incursion

In another Hypocritical and asinine claim, the Mexican Government denounced incursions by the Americans into Mexico. The Mexican Government claims that the Americans who are building a wall to defend America crossed the border a full 10 meters into Mexico.

Now, Mexico is the same nation who demands we ignore the millions of their citizens who have crossed not only 10 meters, but ten years across the border. We have 10 million illegal aliens a vast majority of whom are Mexican Citizens. I would happily welcome those people, if they had immigrated legally, to the United States. However, I have a hard time swallowing the idea of forgiving them for breaking the law to come here, using identity theft to work here, use false documents to live here.

While this would have a hard time competing with the Democrats as the most hypocritical event of the month, it is certainly in the top three.

I saw the news story on Drudge Report, and then saw it on Hot Air as well.

Perhaps the Mexican Government would appreciate the arrival of 10 Million Illegal Americans breaking the law down in Mexico, on the other hand, would they notice 10 million more lawbreakers?

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