Sunday, February 18, 2007

Brittney Spears and the culture of sycophants

Ok, I have ignored the stories about the various nuts out of Hollywood. I didn't previously comment on Brittney Spears and her crotch shot at the club with Paris Hilton. I for one don't really care about the self destructive behavior coming out of the various movie and music stars that seems to be the core of almost any newscast.

What I am going to comment on is the culture of Sycophants that Hollywood and media elites tend to surround themselves with. The brown nosed yes dears that these hipper than thou hire to take care of things. Every imaginable job title from personal secretary, to image consultant, is hired to fawn over the stars and constantly remind the star in question how wonderful, great, and just awesome they are.

Brittney and the rest don't need an image consultant, nor a psychoanalyst, nor anything else that they have now. What they need is a cynic. Someone to tell them they sang that pretty good, perhaps as well as THEY could sing it, but in the end, they are just human, and mortal.

Imagine if you will that Michael Jackson had a Cynic, a regular guy from a blue collar neighborhood, there beside him as he announced that he was going to buy the bones of the elephant man. After the regular guy slapped Michael, and told him it was the dumbest thing Michael had said today, but no fear, it was still early, and surly Michael will have something else dumb to say that may top it. Would Michael have bought the bones of the elephant man?

George Michael who is now a has been pop star, complained about the price of fame. I personally loved it when Frank Sinatra told him he was a punk, and told him to lighten up.

That is part of the problem. This generation of stars are taking themselves way too serious. They barely refrain from referring to themselves in the third person.

Guys, in case you wondered, yes, your bowl movement stinks, just like the rest of us. Yes, you put your pants on one leg at a time, yes you are mortal. No, you aren't the greatest thing since the dawn of time.

In short, get over yourself. Hire a cynic who doesn't worship the ground you walk on. Hire a former Drill Sergeant from the Army, who will happily chastise you day in and out, and point out the many personal, genetic, and educational failings you possess. In the end, you won't need all those sycophantic leeches, hangers on, and advisers, who are bleeding you dry while telling you how wonderful you are. The only reason you could possibly need all those people telling you how awesome you are is that your ego needs some serious shoring up. If that is the case, you need that Drill Sergeant worse than you can possibly imagine.

Stars who constantly complain and need sleeping pills should consider this. No Private in Basic Training ever needs sleeping pills, he wants more sleep. He is exhausted. He will happily sleep on a pile of rocks after a few weeks of the intensive activity that is his average day. It's a shame that there is no basic training program offered to wannabe Stars. I think the type of self destructive behavior that seems to be the delight of the pundits would be far less typical than it would appear to be now.

Brittney, hire a Drill Sergeant to help you, I mean, you have the hair cut right?


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