Sunday, February 25, 2007

Why don't Liberals ever care how much other things cost?

No cost is ever enough when we are talking about the Teachers Unions. No amount of money is ever enough, despite how little we get for the dollar. Our kids are dumber than we were/are. We are dumber than our Parents were/are. Each generation is getting dumber, lacking the real knowledge that is absolutely necessary. As an example, a customer of a friend of mine lives in Maine, and said she wasn't good with maps. The Customer said she didn't know if she lived east or west of some river (the Mississippi River) because she wasn't very good with maps.

I mention the dumbing down of our population as an example of wasted money, far more money over the years than the War on Terror in Iraq, yet no one is calling on people to shut it down. The reason I am annoyed is another Left Wing Loony Blogger is demanding we pull out of Iraq and one of the reasons is.... Money. It's too expensive, in lives, and in money, and we can't afford it. I have found it interesting that Liberals only mention cost when it comes to the Defensive or National Security issues.

Liberals play the hard headed Fiscal Conservative only in the matters of National Security. It's one of the big arguments against the Missile Defense Shield. One of the first arguments we hear is that a Missile Defense Shield wouldn't be 100% effective. On the bodies of Murder Victims, one of the things they police look for is Defensive Wounds, scratches, bruises, or other marks to indicate that the victim fought back for their life. Why would they fight? Isn't it painfully obvious that they are outmatched, and they can't possibly defend themselves against a determined attacker? Shouldn't they just stand there and be hit, battered, and yes Murdered? The truth is that people fight for life with every breath, and struggle to survive even if they are outmatched by a much larger, much more dangerous person. People raise their arms, and try to fend off the blows. They try to keep the attacker off of them. They try to defend themselves, even if it isn't 100% effective. It isn't useless, it's part of the survival instinct. To denounce this instinct as illogical or stupid is foolish beyond description. If the survival instinct was illogical, or stupid, it would have been weeded out by the Liberals other beloved ideal, Darwinian Evolution.

I also noticed other asinine arguments in the post from the far left wing loony mentioned above. Another argument put forth is that no faction in Iraq could win the civil war, so if we leave they would HAVE to reach a settlement. I don't understand that idea, and yes it's that asinine that it defies definition. Perhaps I will use it however the next time someone tells me that we HAVE to risk lives to end the fighting in Darfur. I bet the Liberal in question will brush that argument away without even more than a well deserved look that I am apparently stupid.

If the Liberals were capable of being intellectually honest, or even intellectually consistent, then most of these arguments would never be offered. However Liberals never understand what it is they are arguing, so ill advised half considered arguments aren't about to be rejected, to the contrary they are embraced by the foolish Liberals.

Let's consider the "It cost too much" argument. From the post in question. 1. The costs we have incurred to date in Iraq may be as high as $2 trillion. We cannot afford more.

How much has the Federal Government spent on Education? Has the situation improved? Shown any signs of improvement? If you answer no, as you must since the test scores continue to be low showing our nation to be doing poorly, then the obvious question is why do we continue to fund it?

How about the war on Poverty? Welfare, and other social programs have continued since the 1960's and we still have to fund it, more than two generations have passed, and we still need to fund it every year. Hasn't it reached a point where using the Liberals Fiscal Conservative Iraq argument that we must declare that we have lost, and cease funding? It's not getting better is it? Has it shown any signs of improvement? Are we close to an exit strategy?

How about any other program that the Liberals love? Embryonic Stem Cell research has rewarded us with exactly nothing. Yet, adult stem cells have already given us many treatments, so why are we so excited about Embryonic Stem Cells? Why not focus our research dollars on an area where promise has been rewarded?

While Liberals haven't yet mastered the principals of logical thought process, at least they are pretending to be thinking about topics, which is a step in the right direction.

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