Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Global Warming Litigation in California

California has filed a class action lawsuit against six automakers claiming that they are causing global warming, and causing California to spend money as a result.

Besides the demonstrable truth that Global Warming is not destroying the earth, we have to say that this is flatly stupid. Amazingly stupid in fact.

I have a small piece of advice for the six automakers if you all would listen for a moment. General Motors, Ford, Toyota Motor Corp., DaimlerChrysler AG, Honda Motor Co. and Nissan Motor Co..

As of this moment, stop selling cars in California. Announce publicly that because of the hostile business environment you will no longer sell cars in California. You will fill existing orders and accept no new orders as of this date. Watch the California Government fold like a house of cards in a strong wind. It's time, past time, for the world to hold the lawyers responsible for their actions.

Government agencies buy Ford Crown Victoria cars with their V-8 engines every day, like there is no other car made. They demand the big car, they demand the power of the V-8. They demand that YOU the individual citizen not be allowed to have such a car.

Automakers, stop selling in California. Walk away from the state, and see what happens. Inside of six months, the people in California will be ready to lynch the Attorney General, and all his staff, as well as the elected representatives because they want their cars. Also the sales of cars across the state line will skyrocket as people drive cars in from Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon. It would be an awesome display of true power of the people. The short term loss would be more than made up within a couple years.

Think about it guys, starve the car hungry California and see the people ready to riot in a few months.



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