Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mexican Justice? How much money you got Dog?

In America, the running joke is if you have enough money, you can get away with Murder ala O.J. Simpson. Your attorneys can create enough of a doubt that you walk on the Murder Charge with rhetoric alone. Of course, Attorneys of that quality are fairly few and far between, not to mention rather expensive.

In Mexico, the police are the criminals, so the ability to get away with the crime depends mostly on bribing the right officials.

In Mexico, there were an estimated 3000 kidnappings for ransom in 2003. In many instances, the police were believed to be involved in the crimes, in other words, they were the criminals. Brutal Violence isn't a community shocking event, so rare it doesn't affect a majority of people in the nation, it's an every day event in Mexico.

That brings us to the situation concerning one Duane "Dog" Chapman, of Dog the Bouty Hunter fame. Duane gained national media attention, and the start of his reality based television show from his rather public apprehension of Max Factor heir Andrew Luster, who raped three women, and fled during the trial to Mexico to avoid Prison. Not a bad plan, since Mexico usually ignores requests for extradition, especially of the rich and shameless. Mexico usually ignores those who are "wanted" for Justice in Mexico, so long as they are out of Mexico as well.

I should point out that I had seen his television show exactly once before his arrest. My first impression was his wife, the blond with the gigantic breasts should seriously consider some surgery to reduce them by a foot or two. I won't call myself a fan, moderately interested, or whatever. Frankly, I probably won't be watching the show in the future.

I bring up the subject for a reason. It seems that Mexico is mightily peeved over Dog Chapman dashing down, and according to Mexican Law, kidnapping Andrew Luster, and taking him from the Mexican Judicial System. Mexican Justice is one of those Oxymorons you have heard about.

Since Mexico is usually reluctant to actually arrest any rich and powerful folks, much less subject them to extradition, especially if the Death Penalty may be involved, we are usually as reluctant to send the accused to Mexico. However that seems to be changing.

Dog Chapman has been arrested and released on bond pending his extradition hearing on Mexicos desire to have him back and punished for Kidnapping a Rapist who was wanted in America. The Police in Mexico are apparently mightily put out that their retirement fund, Max Factor heir Luster, is now serving 124 years in Prison for his crimes.

Now, what brings this to my attention is Mexico's apparent desire to import a criminal, when they are exporting hundreds of thousands of criminals each month and are unable to stem that flow.

Days after Duane Chapmans arrest, it was proudly announced by the Justice Department that Mexico is extriditing a drug kingpin to the United States. Well that explains it, since Mexico has such a long list of people we want to stand trial here, a far different justice system than exists in Mexico I might add, instead of living in luxury compounds in Mexico, they demanded someone off their very short list of accused felons who have left Mexico instead of hanging around and bribing the cops like everyone else.

Apparently Mexican Authorities are too busy chasing after Dog Chapman to stem the tide of the estimated 3000 kidnappings each year. Perhaps now that Mr. Chapman is in the Judicial System in the US, fighting extradition to Mexico, the Justice System in Mexico might look for some of those thousands of Kidnappers and murderers in Mexico that are committing crimes every day.

Mexican Justice isn't a joke, it's an insult. If there was any justice in our worlds, the American Judicial system would send a dog turd to Mexico. When you guys find some of those kidnapped people and manage to get them home alive, let me know. When you have kidnappings as the exception to the daily news, instead of not even mentioned because it's literally a daily event, call me. When your police aren't involved in rape, robbery, murder, and kidnapping, then we will consider sending Dog on down. In the mean time you should be grateful that we aren't using artillery to stop the invasion by the Mexicans each night.


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