Sunday, November 19, 2006

Democrats Win Both Houses of Congress

I've been extremely busy in the last couple months, from family vacations, to familial illnesses, and if you add in a dash of extremely long work hours, you are left with little time to blog.

I did Vote on election day, and of course, voted for the Conservative Candidates.

Now to business, Democrats won both houses of congress, and I should be very upset, but frankly, I am not. One theory I have is that it's never one thing that causes anything else, it's always a number of things. A few of the reasons for this electoral defeat for the Republicans are as follows.

1) Conservatism. The Republicans abandoned the Conservative principals on many different issues. From Immigration to Bankruptcy, Conservatism was tossed aside in favor of the old school Blue Blood Republicans that we hoped were abolished in the Conservative Reagan Revolution. Every issue that came to Washington was dealt with ineptly. The Conservative positions were obvious, and ignored as "unpopular". Now we know, the positions that are unpopular are the Elitist blue blood nonsense that we all hoped were dead and buried. Perhaps this time the corpse will be destroyed as well.

2) Unending liberal media agenda. Obviously we can't look at the electoral victory of the Liberals without considering the Liberal Media and their efforts. The Media has become the standard bearer of the Democratic Party, and frankly, everyone knows that to be true. I won't wast my time typing, nor your time reading all the examples of that factual information there is.

Now, there are other reasons, but before I dash off to deal with today's schedule, I wanted to get back to blogging. I don't want to get bogged down in the re-hashing of the obvious.

Why am I not worried about the Democratic Victory? Despite the failure of the Republicans to live up to the Conservative Ideals, the Conservative Ideals are what America believes. As we start to get a glimpse of the Liberal Agenda, things Americans oppose, this Democratic Congress is even more out of touch than the Republicans were.

Higher Taxes, yes, we aren't paying enough taxes according to Liberals. Somehow the fact that the profits from a gallon of Gasoline are minuscule in comparison to the taxes collected per gallon isn't newsworthy. Higher individual income taxes won't help the economy, it never has. When Conservatives start to ask Americans if they can afford an extra $1,200 a year in income taxes, expect the phones to ring off the hook with a resounding NO I can't afford it in Washington.

Cut and Run in Iraq, This may sound good, yet Americans will resent the real disaster that would be Iraq if we ran. Victory is the only option to Americans.

The inevitable tendency of Liberals can't be denied. They will fool themselves all too often, every chance they get in fact. When they start to enact that legislative agenda, they will be unmasked, and instead of heard headed realists, they will be exposed as the extreme socialists that they are. Perhaps then, Conservatism will again break out in the Democratic Party, and bring back the hero's of the Democratic party of yesteryear. Hero's like Kennedy and Truman, conservative leaders of our nation, who are quoted literally every day.

We wanted Scoop Jackson, we got Nancy Pelosi. The Republicans may be out of touch with their conservative base, but the Liberals are even more out of touch with Americans than the Republicans.



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