Sunday, September 10, 2006

What ignoring the Islamo Fascists got us

As we sit back and continue to read the negotiations betwen the Clinton administration, the Democratic Party, and ABC over the Path to 9-11 mini-series. We should take a moment and consider what brought us to 9-11.

It was our unwillingness to confront the multiple attacks we suffered. It was our unwillingness to confront an enemy, and fight the war they had already declared upon us.

Powerline Blog has a long list of terrorist attacks, yet we ignored them all, reacted to none of them.

In response to another blogger, I posted a long piece on why we should stay the course on the War on Terror.

Most of us remember where we were on that fateful day, it was another of those moments, like Kennedy in Dallas, or the Pearl Harbor attack, or Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, that caused the earth to stop for a few moments, and changed the rest of our lives.

I was asleep, I work nights, and was asleep, and for some reason woke hours too early that day. My wife told me that CNN was reporting a small airplane had hit the World Trade Center. Like everyone, I assumed it was an accident, I mumbled something about the dumb pilot probably having a heart attack while flying sightseers around New York. I was wrong, obviously.

As the day went on, and the enormity of the events became too clear to everyone, I like the rest of you found myself faced with a new world.

Before 9-11, a hijacking meant you complied, awaited the negotiaters, and the Special Forces team who would effect a rescue if required. After 9-11, we could be compliant no longer, and we probably shouldn't have been compliant on that day. We saw the signs, we saw the escalation of attacks, and ignored those signs in favor of our perceived invincibility. After 9-11 we all watched people around us a little more carefully, and when Abdel Rahim tried to detonate a shoe bomb on another plane, the passengers jumped on him with both feet. I know, we all called him Richard Reid, but that was inaccurate. Reid converted to Islam, and in compliance with the Religious norms, had changed his name. It is obviously respectful of Islam to point out that yet another psychotic lunatic was Islamic isn't it?

I am going to suggest you read the extremely long list of Terrorist Attacks here. It should be an eye opener for you. Perhaps you can tell me what ignoring the Islamo Fascists gained for us. Perhaps you can tell me what negotiation and being understanding of their views got us. I can tell you what we reaped from that. It was the World Trade Center attack, and it wasn't Internal Explosives, controlled demolitions, or hidden secret building destroying missiles of the various conspiracy theories. It was a logical and obvious series of events. Easily understood by anyone, except hate america first Libs.



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