Friday, September 08, 2006

But the Liberals loved Michael Moore's movie didn't they?

Farenheiht 9-11 was completely debunked, proven to be inaccurate, false, and misleading. Yet the Democrats loved it beyond any comparison. It was a great film, it was going to win the 2004 Election on it's own, everyone of the Democrats told us so. How many of us remember Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi telling us how powerful and accurate the movie was.

When inaccuracies were pointed out, people complaining that they were not quoted accurately, or that information was flat fiction, the Democrats said it was all true.

When the National Guard forged memo's were circulated by CBS, first the Democrats defended the memo's, then after no-one could claim that they were true documents from that era, defended the information as accurate, even though the memos were false. Then it was a Rove set up to make the Democrats look bad.

Now, we are on Path to 9-11 and what do we know, the Democrats don't want anything on Television that accurately portrays the lack of action in the Clinton Administration during the 1990's. They are sending petitions, letters, and threats to ABC to stop this at any cost, including threatening to pull ABC's licence.

OK, Libs, tell you what, I will be happy to discuss the matter with you. Tell me what we did in response to Khobar Towers? What did we do with the Embassy Bombings? What was our response in the matter of the USS Cole? Anyone, hello is anyone there?

The Liberals will shout, scream, demand, and in general ignore the facts that we did NOTHING in response to these attacks. The only time Clinton bombed anyone who was slightly Islamic is when Monica was called before the Grand Jury for the second time. Anyone remember the statements of the Democrats and pundits then? "The President is too busy with the National Security of this nation to be distracted by gossip about sex".

Liberals have no grasp of truth, nor any ideal what to do when faced with anything less than total fiction completely spun to their demented point of view.



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