Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Loony Liberals grasp at Truth straws again

Democrats have no idea what a danger the Internet presents, after all, anyone can find the facts and truth about the LIES they perpetually put forth.

Today's example comes from the Democratic Underground, now trying to claim it's the Republicans and Conservatives who oppose the ability to get Terrorists.

GOP Congress blocked Clinton push for anti-terror legislation by John in DC - 9/04/2006 11:10:00 AM Before September 11, all the way back in 1996 in fact, the Republicans stopped President Clinton from getting all the tools he needed to stop the next September 11 - well, no, actually they opposed giving President Clinton all the tools he needed to stop the actual September 11.

Well darn that truth, because anyone who searched could have easily found the information, it took me less than five minutes to find the facts that my memory said existed.

From CNN, The President signing the Anti-Terrorism law into effect, 1996. Wave sound for those who wish to hear the Former President.

Well what was the discussion that the White House and the Congress were having? What was the disagreement?

Increased wiretapping powers for federal agents, including the ability to follow suspects from phone to phone.
Power to call in the military in cases involving biological and chemical weapons.
The inclusion of smokeless and black powder in a Treasury Department study of chemical tagging agents for explosives.

Well what was passed you might ask?

New restrictions on criminal appeals in federal courts, including death penalty cases.
$1 billion over four years for federal counter-terrorism efforts.
State Department authority to designate terrorist organizations and impose restrictions on fund-raising and other financial transactions involving such groups.
Requirements for chemical tracking tags in plastic explosives.
A streamlined deportation procedure for those suspected of terrorist involvement, including a special court designed to protect classified evidence.

Well of course the Democrats voted FOR this bill when it was passed right?

Democrats opposed the limits on Death Penalty Appeals in Terrorism related cases. The Liberals in the ACLU have managed to get the State Department restrictions ruled unconstitutional by the Courts. It's not fair that we label extremist groups dedicated to our destruction as Terrorist on a whim is it?

We thought it was a bad idea to put the Military into a position as a Police force, Perhaps some of the Liberals can tell us about the Posse Commitatus act.

Yep, the absence of tagging chemicals in the Black Powder and Smokeless Powder caused 9-11. After all that is what the Liberals at the Democratic Underground are pretending.

I guess we are supposed to ignore that little troubling fact that they oppose now, what they claim we opposed for Clinton. That whole Wiretapping thing that they claim is impeachable.

Democrats, you have got to learn that the Internet really provides an opportunity for you to research things and learn the truth, instead of trying to spin one opinion piece into a factual argument. Find the facts, learn the truth, but then that would make you a Conservative wouldn't it?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Democratic Underground recently did a COVERT operation (11/30/06) on its own membership trying to figure out who is a holocaust denier and who is not.

They posted a poll that asks if you believe a) the Holocaust happened, b) it happened but you do not know if all the figures/deaths/numbers reported is accurate, or c) you do not believe it happened.

If you answer B or C they SUSPEND your account and you receive an insulting message that you are a "Holocaust sympathizer" and they do not want to "be associated with individuals who express such views."

Of note is that answering B, which is a legitimate honest answer for the millions who know nothing of the Holocaust or the details lands you in their Holocaust denier camp. Many people do not know how many people died in the holocaust - maybe DU needs to remember the world does not revolve around their view of the world. That DU would do such a sinister thing to its own membership in an attempt to cleanse it of people whom they "think" deny the holocaust is beyond belief for a site exposing democratic party ideals.

OF course if you answer C, that is beyond the pale of reason. But if an honest guy answers B, that he knows it happened, but does not know the details of the event.....THEY CALL YOU A HOLOCAUST DENIER.

Someone needs to send a wake up call to Democratic Underground. It start's with "Innocent until proven Guilty" and ends with the Constitution of the United States of America.

7:59 PM  

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