Sunday, September 10, 2006

Gary Lutnick a victim of the 9-11 attack

Gary Lutnick, a victim of the 9-11 attacks, is the person whom I am honoring on this fifth anniversary of the attacks, and the loss of Gary.

Gary was one of the nearly 3000 people who died on the day of that terrible attack, Gary died when the towers collapsed, according to his family, Gary called his sister to tell her he loved her.

His friends and family all remember Gary, and we do to.

I joined the program for a memorial post on this anniversary, we wanted and exceeded the goal for one blog per victim of the attack. We should never forget those who died on this day.

I am just one of the 2996 blogs who is honoring this day, by honoring one person. To Gary’s family, and friends, I honestly pray that time has assuaged the pain and anguish that you endure.


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