Sunday, November 26, 2006

Government Hypocracy on Global Warming

There are a few state Governments who are blaming the EPA for not regulating Carbon Dioxide emissions, that gas that is expelled when you breath, and it's effect on the notional Global Warming event. This blame is about to be decided by the Supreme Court. This is a lawsuit that precedes the famous California Suit against the Automakers. It also flies in the face of the recently announced discovery of a solution for Global Warming.

In short, WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court hears arguments this week in a case that could determine whether the Bush administration must change course in how it deals with the threat of global warming.
A dozen states as well as environmental groups and large cities are trying to convince the court that the Environmental Protection Agency must regulate, as a matter of public health, the amount of carbon dioxide

You see, this is the Liberal tendency, if they don't get their way in legislature, in other words, Congress won't pass the laws they want, the Liberals run to the Courts and demand an order from the Court that things go their way.

Fine, I will help you Liberals out. First, each of you must stop flying all over the world to discuss Global Warming. Second, you State Governments who are suing claiming that automobiles are causing Global Warming, the plaintiffs for the case are California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington. They were joined by cities such as Baltimore, New York and the District of Columbia; the Pacific island of America Samoa; the Sierra Club; the Union of Concerned Scientists; Greenpeace; and Friends of the Earth.

You all stop driving cars, or taking airplanes. I want you all to lead the way by walking or using Public Transportation. I don't want to see your hypocritical selves getting out of the usual Crown Victoria with it's V-8 engine while demanding that I and the rest of the citizenry drive a geo-metro. You don't do that though do you? No, you all are Gulfstream Environmentalists who dash about in chartered jets, private planes, and large limos while the rest of the citizenry are blamed for Global Warming.

Here is another idea, stop screaming that we need to do something about alternative energy, when the biggest and loudest voices are the ones blocking alternative energy plans which would jeopardize the Kennedy family's favorite yachting area.

Sen. Ted Kennedy has strongly opposed an environmentally friendly "wind farm” off the coast from the Kennedy compound in Hyannis. Now he supports building another wind farm – in somebody else’s "backyard.”
A Boston contractor has submitted plans to construct a $750 million offshore complex of 90 to 120 wind turbine towers near Naushon Island and the towns of Dartmouth and Fairhaven to supply electricity to about 240,000 homes.
While the Cape Wind project Kennedy opposed would have been "in view of some of the wealthiest communities in Massachusetts’ Cape Cod,” the new proposal is for a "project in view of more working-class areas,” according to CNN and Reuters.

Yes, it's fine for the "little people" to make sacrifices right Liberals? Just so long as YOU don't have to stop enjoying the good life as a reward for your progressive thought.

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