Friday, November 24, 2006

Tasmanian Devil, new image for Democrats?

I just watched a television program (I normally watch less than five hours of television per week, often less than two hours) about the Tasmanian Devil on Animal Planet. The show focused on the activity of the Sanctuary at an Australian National Park, and my normal curiosity led me to look further into it online.

I was dismayed to find the references on the show of a disease or cancer in the wild Tasmanian Devils was seriously affecting the population of these unique creatures. Studies seem to indicate that the cancer is spread from one to another of the devils, and the treatment plan is to isolate the diseased creatures to keep them from infecting the remaining devils.

I began to think, and realized that this is a perfect metaphor of the Liberal Nutroots of today's Democratic Party. They are incredibly ferocious towards those who don't bow to them, and are infected with a disease which they spread amongst each other, not cancer as the devils, but conspiracy theory.

Before you laugh and move on, consider what happens to conservatives who try and speak at a college campus. They are shouted down, insulted, assaulted physically, all to keep them from speaking. If the offending Liberals are arrested, they are defended proclaiming free speech.

It's obvious that Liberals have no clue how to debate, and their ferocious defense of their territory, schools, media, and government, is not unlike the devil. They scream, shout, and even attack those who approach the defended item.

The cancer that is spread is insane conspiracy theory, on every subject. From JFK, to 9-11 they have a theory that goes against conventional wisdom, logic, and even facts. It has not only approached insanity, it has gone right on by.

The traditional treatment of the infected Tasmanian Devils is right out of the medical treatment playbook. Isolation of the infected to reduce or eliminate the infection of the unaffected population. It's a treatment that has worked in every outbreak of human disease. Well all but one, it hasn't been tried for AIDS, but that is because the Liberals are treating AIDS as a political cause instead of a deadly disease. I really startled a Liberal friend by asking him why AIDS isn't treated like a disease. He started the usual Liberal talking points about the cure being a product of research and funding. I pointed out how his house would be isolated if he or a member of his family were to come down with small pox, to keep him from infecting the remainder of the population, and he looked shocked at that idea. If you can't cure the disease, you isolate the infected, to keep them from infecting others, except with AIDS, where the treatment is to sue anyone who raises an eyebrow at the insistence that the disease is "safe".

Liberals are the Tasmanian Devils, they are nearly rabid in the ferocity screaming at the remainder of the pack, and infecting each other with wild conspiracy theory.

I hope that the treatment of the devils works, I kind of liked the wild little nuts, and after we take care of that infection, we can work on isolating the Liberals to minimize the spread of their infection to the remainder of the population.


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