Saturday, November 25, 2006

Great Democrat role model gets 10 months for kiddie porn.

Perhaps I should consider changing my political affiliation. After all, No Democrat is ever punished so long as he espouses proper Liberal idealism.

A Democrat Minister has plead guilty to producing Kiddie Porn and is sentenced to ten months in jail. Ten months for Child Pornography, and the plea bargain was approved by the District Attorney (Another Democrat) and the Judge (Fellow Democrat) for 15 counts of Child Pornography.

A Democrat community leader who would "offer a homily during worship services" and facilitated his congregation's "opening our doors to all people regardless of sexual orientation" has been given a slap on the hand after pleading guilty to extensive child pornography offenses involving children as young as six.

Court records in the Asheville, N.C., case said he admitted that he would "record, develop and duplicate material containing a visual representation of a minor engaging in sexual activity." That activity is defined by state law as including masturbation, intercourse and "touching – in apparent sexual stimulation or sexual abuse – of the genitals, pubic area or buttocks."

Guess it pays to have strong ties to the Democratic Party, they back anyone who has supported them in the past. If you do support the Democratic Party and members, then they speak glowingly of you when you are caught raping children on film. What did the local and state Democratic Party Members say about Reid?

"It has been my pleasure to share Andy's commitment to ensuring that compassion and democracy are at work across our community," wrote Beth Lazer, a Democrat who shared Unitarian Universalist church theologies with Reed and serves as the head of the local public access television, URTV.
She said in her letter of reference she first worked with Reed "when we both served on the board of the local chapter of the League of Women Voters."
"What an invaluable board member he was," she said.
"I also worked with Andy on several projects at our church, most significantly our becoming a welcoming congregation," she said.
Steve Hagerman, the executive director of the Asheville Symphony, wrote on symphony letterhead that, "Reed has been a long-time supporter of the arts in Western North Carolina and has been involved in many worthwhile causes in our community."

You really can't say that there is anything lower than a Democrat, and this case proves that beyond a doubt. Sick, Disgusting, Perverted, Double Standard, and a Democrat.

Big Hat Tip to Hot Air on this one.
Check out the Riehl World View for more

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