Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Free Schools making a comeback.

Want to give your child a hopeless future, send them to a free school. A Free school for those who don't know is where the child need not learn any subject, nor bother to attend any particular class. Instead trusting to the curiosity of the child to lead them to explore and learn on their own. The Brooklyn Free School is trying to bring back something that we all hoped we dead and gone.

2+2=3. What a little genius, not being bound by traditional stereotypical answers.

How does the school ensure that students learn the "basics?"What is meant by the "basics?" This question in and of itself represents a core principle of the Brooklyn Free School. A certain segment of society has sought, and succeeded, in imposing their view of what is important for all students in America, and indeed in much of the world, to learn in school. We don't presume to know what is best for each individual student to learn now and certainly not what will be best in the next five or ten years. The world is a fluid, fast-changing, and increasingly open society where individuals need to be first and foremost confident, flexible and independent thinkers and learners. Nurturing these qualities is what a free school does best. What a student learns is determined by each individual's own unique set of talents, skills, and interests which they pursue in their own good time. Students learn how to read, write, and do mathematics (these skills constituting the common perception of the "basics") in a natural and organic fashion; as necessary to support and better understand their passions and interests. There is no more effective way to learn than as a natural means to accomplish a self-motivated end.

Wow, I wonder what college those kids are going to get into? Any bets on how many kids spend the day playing computer games?


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