Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More Divisions in the Democratic Majority

Congressman Charlie Rengel, who has called on a new Draft several times, has intended to introduce legislation to his now friendly Democratic Majority. Yet, the Democratic Majority indicates that it's not friendly at all to Congressman Rengel or his ideals on a Draft that the Miltary has already indicated it doesn't need, or want. (One has to wonder why we would need a draft if Murtha and Kerry's Cut and Run plan takes shape)

Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California told reporters on Monday that she does not support reinstating the draft, which was suspended in 1973 near the end of the Vietnam War and replaced by the all-volunteer army.

So the Democratic Majority have so far dumped Murtha as Majority Leader in the House, and now taken away Rengels paddle as he entered the middle of the famed creek.

I wonder how long the Loony Folks in the Nutroots community will tolerate these slaps in the faces.

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