Monday, July 17, 2006

Global Warming is not destroying the earth

Friends, can we be honest for once here? Man's effect on climate is frankly, minimal, and how do we know this? Because until 1970, we were cooling, and we were putting out tons of pollutants at the time.

Also, historically all the great environmentalists claims and crusades have caused more harm than they supposedly fixed. The banning of DDT for example has led to 2 million deaths a year from Malaria. The dangers of DDT were not only overstated, but frankly, created out of thin air. Environmentalists still demand that no DDT be used, happily ignoring the dangers to the people who are denied this beneficial chemical that nearly ended typhus, and reduces Malaria deaths.

We can also look to the last Court Ordered, and Scientifically questionable issue of the last age and see remarkable similarities. Eugenics won court approval, was widely quoted as good science, considered brilliant when shaping public policy, and was wrong. It counted among it's supporters many nations that now are shilling for Global Warming "Science". Hitler was a firm believer in the Eugenics movement. Now we know that it's all a bunch of pseudo scientific hype. Those who stated that fact when Eugenics was sweeping the globe were shouted down as liars, much as Global Warming skeptics are today.

As an aside, I offer this site, which is trying to find a viable way to destroy the earth, and finds all the proposed means laughable. Suffice to say that destroying the earth is much harder than you might think, you are going to have to do a bit more than drive your car to contribute to it. A few billion square yards of mirrors positioned in space might do it, but short of that.

Let's look at the claims for a moment, of sites like this one. Among other doomsday claims.

Deaths from global warming will double in just 25 years -- to 300,000 people a year.

Gee, as pointed out in my last article, there are roughly 1 million abortions a year in this nation. There are 45 million per year in the world. A rather large difference, which Liberals are want to even discuss.

Global Warming isn't science, science looks at situations to learn, not to justify more funding and massive social change. That is what the Global Warming folks want, massive social change, for everyone but THEM.


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