Thursday, July 06, 2006

Helping the Liberals understand the case of Lieutenant Watada

Lieutenant Watada has been charged under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) which is the law that all service people live under. The specifics of the charge are fairly simple, and frankly, Lieutenant Watada is going to be sentenced to Prison, and receive a Dishonorable Discharge. That by the way means a Felony Conviction, which will affect Lieutenant Watada for the rest of his life.

Lieutenant Watada will be tried under MILITARY COURTS, which do not have Civillian rules of evidence, or Civillian rules of conduct. In other words, you can't chase rabbits down Alice's hole to see how far the hole goes. The questions that are going to be asked are 1) Did you do this? 2) Were you informed that this was illegal under the UCMJ? When the answers to both are yes, that pretty much ends the discussion.

The Liberals are very confused, even the former Military Liberals (of which there are a few) aren't helping matters with the Delusional ones. Perhaps the former Military folks on the Liberal side don't remember some of the details of a Courts Martial proceeding. First, you don't get to appeal the ruling to the Federal Appeals Courts, you appeal it to the US Court of Military Appeals, which again looks at the decision based upon Military Laws. If you appeal it beyond that, to the US Supreme Court, then you are still judged not by Civillian Courts, or Civillian laws, you are again judged based upon Military Law, if your case is accepted, which most aren't.

Even Human Rights watch understands the Military law, somewhat, by comparing the rights accused Military people get with the Detained Terrorists at Club Gitmo.

Lieutenant Watada is charged, will be tried, convicted, and sentenced under the laws he swore to obey when he accepted his commission. He listened to Liberals and bought the lies that they tell and now will be punished by the community he thought he was going to join.

Hot Air is tracking this as well.


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