Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cindy Sheehan, Starving for Attention

I will admit that the title of the most current online post from Mother Sheehan is aptly titled. Starving for Attention, as found on Michael Moore's website. Starving for attention, last year, Mother Sheehan was the only buzz you heard from the left, convinced as they were that this unassailable poor distraught Communist would be perfect for destroying the Conservatives. However after a month of Mother Sheehan morning, noon, and night, staged photo ops, and staged events, she hadn't changed any minds, and in fact had helped bolster the Pro War on Terror argument.

Now, Mother Sheehan, previously posted here, has launched another tirade today, calling it the Sheehan Fast day one. Code Pink has lot's of pictures up, (Code Pink by the way is the all too well known Communist agitation group) however pictures of people not eating is always like pictures of people who aren't playing baseball. They don't say anything. Now, show me the emaciated corpse of Cindy Sheehan, and we can talk.

As you know, in my previous post, I suggested that Cindy and the Communist Socialist hate America First crowd would make more news taking action like that pictured here. Certainly it would make more headlines that Cindy skips a meal on the Hollywood "I have to fit in my dress" diet.

Oh, on the Hollywood fasting, aren't they like the highest concentration of people with Eating Disorders anyway? Didn't Hollywood pretty much invent Bulemia?


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