Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Cindy Sheehan on Hunger Strike for peace.

I need to point out I was laughing about this, because to me it's very very funny. The Delusional Underground is complaining that the News Media isn't covering Cindy's hunger strike. One of the Delusional Underground folks suggest that they have a Hot Dog Eating Contest for Peace. The Hollywood loons are joining in the fast as well.

Cindy, the idea of a hunger strike doesn't strike much interest in the Pro War folks like me. You see Cindy, we figure you are going to be scarfing Trail Mix, or Granola Bars when the Television Camera's aren't looking.

Now, what kind of Anti-War protests do get my attention? Not the kind favored by the left. Marches, psudo die in, vomit for peace, those just don't get the point across if you know what I mean. What would we like to see you all do? First, don't just fast for a day or two, starve yourself to death. That would be a good first step, but it takes too long. Remember that it has to be flashy to get attention.

What would be flashier than setting yourself on fire?


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