Sunday, July 02, 2006

Illegal Immigrants commit even more crimes

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that a woman was abducted, raped, beaten, stabbed, and left for dead by two men. Her attackers appear to have been illegal immigrants. I know this is probably a big shock for those of you who have defended the illegal "migrant" workers, as just hard working family folks trying to make a living. The point many of us have long made is that without immigration controls, checks, and investigations, we don't know what we are getting.

Now, I guess I should say the alleged attackers, thus allowing the benefit of the doubt and before you start screaming double standard in the Duke Rape case, allow me to point out one sentence of the story.

Officers found Martinez at his Mexia residence. [Sheriff] Wilson said he confessed to the incident and told officers of Hernandez's involvement. U.S. Marshall's tracked Hernandez to a Waco bus station, where he was arrested Wednesday night.

The accused apparently has confessed and identified his accomplice. I am sure that the Limestone County sheriff's office is right now waiting for the Paratrooper Brigade of the ACLU to come and represent these poor downtrodden people who had no chance at a real life and had to turn to crime in outrage and frustration at their hopeless existence in the land of opportunity.

While we may be stuck with these two illegal Immigrants for the next 15 to 20 years, we should be able to see that they are tossed out of the country once their punishment has been served in the Texas State Department of Corrections.


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