Monday, July 03, 2006

Wide Awakes Radio, or WAR on the Left

The online blogs, in what I will call a Coalition of the Right, are launching a webcast Radio project that is interesting.

The associated blogs include some of the longest running and best known blogs on the right. If you assume that they have a dozen listeners for their debut on the 4th of July, they will about meet the numbers of people who are listening to Air America Radio and the hatred there. On the second day, I can see W.A.R. doubling the numbers of Air America Radio listeners when friends mention to others that this exists.

Seriously, good luck out there, I won't bother telling you what you already know, your Conservatives. You know this is going to be hard work, you know it may fail, but dedication to the success and a good understanding of what is needed will see you through.


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