Thursday, June 29, 2006

Murtha Lied is now fully online

I wanted to take a moment, and welcome Murtha Lied to the online community. Affiliated with Iowa Presidential Watch PAC, the often insulted, and more often denounced (by Liberals of course) the Murtha Lied website is dedicated to seeing Jack Murtha find a new line of work, after being voted out of office.

I am happy, thrilled in fact, to be one of the first to link to Murtha Lied, before they got fully online, after watching the Demoncrats do their usual hate filled e-mail commando bit on the founders of this site. Note to Liberals, chances are that your e-mail to me would be filtered out since I have profanity and spam filtering on, and we all know you can't mumble half of a complete sentence without calling every Conservative a F*****G Nazi.

Sponsored by Vets for the Truth, a group of Veterans who are outraged at the propensity of the Democrats to constantly lie about the Troops, their honor, and the mission of the Military in today's counter terrorism world. Murtha Lied is truly a welcome site for the Conservative who truly respects and honors the Military and their sacrifice.


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