Monday, June 26, 2006

Jack Murtha (D) (Treason) (Lunatic)

All but one person advised the NY Times not to publish the now famous Terrorist Financial Tracking program, the one person outside of the administration who advised the NY Times to publish the information was Jack Murtha (D(Surrender)) according to an interview with Bill Keller of the NY Times.

So we see that the "Heroic" former Marine Jack Murtha actively worked with the NY Times to harm the nations ability to track, identify, and stop Terrorist attacks on the United States.

Jack Murtha, Congressman, who has been consistantly defended in the Left Wing Loony blogs, as a Leading Democrat against the war.

So now we find that one person advised the NY Times to run the story, and they did it despite requests, hell begging from the Administration, and requests from 9-11 Commission members, and the NY Times followed the advice of Anti-War Murtha, Treason lobby leader.

Friends, we need to help get Jack out of Congress before he does something even worse, like start sending help directly to the Terrorists instead of pushing the info off to the NY Times. I wonder if Murtha was a source on the story to begin with, after all he is such a Hate America first lunatic, I wouldn't be surprised.

Diana Irey is running for Congress, as a Republican, trying to take Jacks district from him, and she may have a chance. I would encourage anyone thinking of donating, to do so, we all need to help get this lunatic out of Congress and back into the home where he can take his meds regularly.


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