Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Army Lieutenant buys Liberal lies

Having been very busy for the last couple days, I haven't jumped online much at all.

Imagine my surprise when I sat down, and read some news for the first time in apparently too long, to find that Michelle Malkin is reporting and following the Mil bloggers reports that an Army Lieutenant has decided that he can't go to Iraq, it's an illegal war of occupation in his young experience.

Friends, I could parrot those who are leading on this story, instead I am going to offer a commentary. A commentary about this Lieutenant, and others who have been sucked into the easy idealism of the hipper than thou crowd of Hate America First folks.

The Left likes to use cool conspiracy theory to try and stake their claim that Conservatives, and Republicans are evil. They stake great faith in people who make wild lies and accusations about a conservative ideal or principal. Some of the Left's greatest hero's whom this Lieutenant will join include Jimmy Massey, Jesse Macbeth, and Joe Wilson. One interesting thing about the Left's Anti-War hero's, they are all demonstrated liars. Joe Wilson lied about the conclusions of his visit, who sent him, and what he was sent to do in the first place. Jimmy Massey lied about his actions in Iraq, and was debunked by Reporters who were there, and fellow members of his unit. Jesse Macbeth lied about his service. Of course, the Lefties when faced with facts demonstrating the lies of their hero's, react like children, and scream that they are telling the truth, the whole world is lying.

From the Seattle Times: In January, Watada told his commanders that he believed that the war was unlawful, and therefore, so were his deployment orders. He did not, however, consider himself a conscientious objector, since he was willing to fight in wars that were justified, legal and in defense of the nation.

So now, when we deliberate military action in the future. As I understand it, we have to first, consult the President, second, consult Congress, and then, consult Lieutenant Watada. That is patently stupid.

Mr. Watada, your proposed defense is problematic, to say the least. You see, the Constitution, you know, that document you swore to uphold, defend, and support, says the President is the Commander and Chief of the Military. It also states that the Congress shall be empowered To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;

Since Lieutenant Watada joined the Army, he swore to obey orders, when he had no intent to do so. When Lieutenant Watada is sentenced after being Courts Martialed and most definitely found guilty, he can hold his head high as a Martyr to the cause of Left Wing Wackos. Unlike civilian Courts, Military Courts have much stricter evidence rules, and the civilian Lawyers retained by Lieutenant Watada may not understand that the Military Court isn't going to sit back while conspiracy theory is portrayed as concrete evidence. In the end, Lieutenant Watada will be convicted because he won't be able to demonstrate that the deployment of the military, under the Constitutional Authority of the President, acting as Commander in Chief, is unlawful.

This Lieutenant is going to find out he has allied himself with the wrong friends, and while George W. Bush may not be "his President" he is THE President. You don't have to like the person who commands you in the Military. You don't even have to respect the PERSON who is giving the orders. You will respect the authority of the person, the position of the person, and the orders of the person will be followed period.

An illegal order, for clarification to the inevitable left wing loonie who drops in here would be firing on a school yard full of children. An illegal order would be to deny medical care, or otherwise harm an enemy combatant who is not resisting. The Lieutenant would be well within his rights to refuse such an order. To go and serve is NOT an illegal order, it is inherently legal, and Constitutional in nature.

UPDATE: Hot Air has this as it's video blog today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice summary of the situation as regards how the war was authorized, what that means in terms of Watada's strange ideas, and how his lawyers may not be allowed to play the games they could in civilian court. It'll still be a mini-circus, but he's going to Leavenworth.

PS- spelling details- plural of hero is heroes, possessive of it is its.

10:56 PM  

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