Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kudos to Rep. Boehner

Love this one. He's suggesting names for the Stimulus II act that the Democrats are pushing through the house this week.

The Porkulus II hasn't got a name. It's literally a blank line. So Rep. Boehner held a press conference and suggested the following names.

-- Save Our ‘Stimulus’ (SOS) Act
-- ‘Recovery Summer’ Bailout Act (Cash for Flunkers)
-- Delivering Unions a Major Boost (DUMB) Act
-- Helping Election Expenditures, Hurting American Workers (HEEHAW) Act
-- Democracy is Strengthened by Clearly Leveraging and Optimizing Special-Interests’ Effectiveness (DISCLOSE) Act
-- Holding Union Bosses Over Until Card Check Act
-- Rescuing Incumbent Democrats Is Costly (RIDIC) Act
-- Summertime Cash for Union Bosses Instead of Spending Cuts for Taxpayers Act
-- Frivolous Act of Ineffective Largesse (FAIL) Act
-- Naming These Things Hasn’t Gotten Us Anywhere, So Why Bother? Act

Kudos Sir, for suggesting names that are accurate and entertaining.


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