Monday, August 16, 2010

Americans eat too much

We've heard how Americans are too fat, and apparently, Congress thinks so too. They're cutting food stamps to fund the First Lady's "Let's Move" initiative to help America lose weight. By reducing the amount of food available for people to eat, they hope to significantly reduce the numbers of overweight Americans. Democrats, they'll tell you about food with a program about nutrition, but they won't actually give you any food to eat.

This reminds me of the Dumpster Diving program for the homeless. Instead of feeding the homeless, they spent tens of thousands of dollars creating a video to show at homeless shelters, so people would know what kinds of food found in the dumpsters was safe to eat.

So welcome to the Democrats health program, first our starvation diet, we're going to insure you starve, because we don't want you to have any food.

This from the same party that thinks it's a good idea to turn food into gasoline.


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