Sunday, November 02, 2008

Obama promotes formation of a Civilian Security Service

Obama offered us this as part of his National Defense plan. 

I wonder if like the last several examples in history of Civilian Security Groups, this one will wear Brown Shirts, or Black? 

One of the first in modern history was the SA, or Brown Shirts of Hitler's rise to power. Once Hitler was firmly in control of the Government in Germany, he essentially wiped out the group, murdering the leadership, his old friends in the Night of the Long Knives. They were later made into the SS. Those SS troops, which began as a Civilian National Defense group, later carried out the Final Solution and murdered some 12 Million People, mostly Jews, in Death Camps. 

Certainly, the Brown Shirts were civilians, and certainly, they claimed to be used only for protection of the National Socialist Party members and leaders. In practice, they were thugs, used to intimidate and even kill opponents and those targeted by the leaders. 

When Lenin seized power in Russia, and formed the Soviet Union, the very first Government Organization he formed was the Cheka. The Cheka later became the KGB, or Committee for State Security. I could and would list the tortures, murders, arrests, intimidation, and barbaric deaths they arranged for enemies of the State, but this Blog Post would be too long for anyone to read, so I'm linking to the relevant Wiki entries, and wish you good reading if you're interested in more info. Suffice to say, they weren't very nice people. 

Of course, with the SS and the Cheka/KGB, we're getting into areas of state security organizations, which end up being secret police organizations without limits of power or authority. The less famous cousins of these groups are the Savak, the MSS, and a host of others too numerous to list. The one interesting thing about most of these, they all started as civilians working to protect the leaders and the nation from perceived threat.

Using the SA, and the National Socialist Party for the best example, the one most everyone has heard about, we can see that the Brown Shirts were really nothing more than Thugs. They were bullies, and tough guys alike, who beat, tortured, and killed to help gain the National Socialist power in Germany. 

I have to wonder, on what model will Barry Obama plan his group? Perhaps along the lines of the Fruit of Islam? A truly civilian group if there was one, despite a contract at one time from the United Nations to protect inner cities.

It's probably unlikely that he would form the group along the lines of fictional references. Perhaps the Rangers from the Babylon 5 television series would be acceptable, but I doubt he has such high aspirations for this group. No, I think the plan for the group would be more along historical examples. 

Unless of course, you expect me to believe that Obama is a supporter of groups like the often demonized Michigan Militia

I think that given his trends towards state control of everything else, as is standard for his Socialist leanings, we would have to guess that his group will be more along the lines of the Cheka. 

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