Thursday, October 30, 2008

A day of contemplation.

I've spent most of the day considering. I'm planning on voting tomorrow, early voting, when I head downtown for some other errands, I'm going to go ahead and knock out my vote. Here's the problem, I still detest John McCain. (RINO) (Media) 

I've posted about John McCain so many times it would look like an auctioneer's transcription if I posted every link. Here's the search results for it, I'll highlight a few of my rants if you will, to explain my conundrum. 

McCain is not a Conservative. I've highlighted my longstanding disagreements with his policies, and I've not been silent about them. I've written his office, good old fashioned snail mail, which was scanned by some staffer, and tossed in a box probably labeled out of state nut. 

I also believe this election has become more important than I was expecting. During the primaries, I was convinced that both parties nominated their worst, and we're expected to choose one of the nuts. McCain the Conservative Hating Republican, or Obama, the empty suit who never was anything before. I donated money to Hillary, before Operation Chaos, because I thought of all the scheming lunatics in the field running, she was the best choice. 

However, this election, as I said, has become more. It's now a referendum on Socialism. Is our nation going to follow the socialist principals. Are we going to allow the self determination, the greatest right given to us by God, and fought for and won with the blood of millions over the more than two hundred years of this nation, to be taken and given instead to the Government? 

I believe in smaller Government. I believe that you, the individual, are more capable than I ever will be in running your life. I believe that you, the individual, know what your family should do. I don't believe that Government has a place in any of that. Obama, and the Democrats, do. 

I detest John McCain, and I expect to find myself feeling sick when I vote, however, I can't vote for Socialism. If Obama was truly a moderate, as he's been portrayed in the media, I could vote for him. If the Democrat was a conservative, ala Zell Miller, I could and would vote for him in a minute, with no reservations. 

I'm voting for McCain for those reasons, and one other. Sarah Palin. I believe that Sarah Palin is an honest individual, with a very strong sense of right, and wrong. I may not, and need not, agree with her on every issue. I believe she will do the right thing as she views the issue, and I can live with that. I trust her judgement, demonstrated in her history as Mayor and Governor, and that which we've not seen because she hasn't faced it yet. I believe she's intelligent enough, and able to learn the foreign duties from her briefing team from the State Department. 

As an aside, can we be honest  for a moment? If you were the Vice-President, and were about to go on a trip to England. Even if you had a dozen stamps that said ENGLAND in your passport book, you would still have to sit down with the folks from the State Department and be briefed and rehersed. It's what is always done. Do any of us think Sarah Palin is too dumb to listen and understand what they are saying? Ok, the nuts on the left might think so, but they also believe that George Bush and Scooter Libby blew up the World Trade Center.

 Even if John McCain doesn't die, which seems likely, since God is unlikely to answer that many prayers so quickly, I think that Sarah Palin will be shaking up the Administration. I just don't see her sitting quietly while John McCain does whatever he wants. I can see her storming into the White House via the Treasury Tunnel and chewing some butt about the issues. I don't think she'll be too quiet if McCain starts his Democrat with an R behind his name crap again. I guess I'm saying I trust her to do the right thing. 

I still don't like John McCain, and I probably never will. He and I are just too far apart on the issues. I resent the hell out of being called a Racist because I opposed Amnesty. I resent the hell out of his abridging the First Amendment with his signature legislation. I find it laughable that he expected a grass roots effort to get him elected. Apparently, he thought the Republican Base loved him as much as the NY Times did. The Grass Roots didn't get started John, until you picked Sarah Palin. You had lost the election, right up until that point.

As much as I resent the hell out of McCain and his loving on the NY Times attitudes of the last ten years or so, I also resent the hell out of the Media. The LA Times holding a video, because it might be damaging to a candidate? Are you kidding me? Here's your chance for a Watergate folks, what are you doing? The Media has covered up for Obama, defended him, and chastised and castigated anyone who dared not genuflect before the anointed one. I resent the hell out of the suggestion that my opposition to Obama is based upon race. I resent the hell out of the obvious bias in favor of Obama, and the claim that it's all fairly reported. 

So today, when I go to town for some errands, I'm going to vote for McCain, and as I do, I'm going to pray that God has mercy on my soul. With McCain, I'm afraid I'm getting socialism, just not so much as I would with Obama. With Obama, I know I'm getting the Socialism shoved deep inside me for his term as President, which would likely be a single term.

Now, for my thoughts on American after the election, that's a post I'm still working on. Suffice to say, I don't see bad news for Conservatives out there. I see this election as a winner for Conservatives, no matter how it turns out. 

I'm voting for McCain, so President Palin doesn't have to spend the first four years of her administration cleaning up the disaster that the nation would be in should Obama be elected. 

I guess I'm not really voting for McCain today, I'm really voting for Palin, and I'm voting against the socialism that the Democrats are claiming they have a mandate for, before the election has happened.

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Blogger Janeen Puckett said...

I sympathize with your distaste for John McCain, and thank you for giving him your vote anyway. If our choice is the lesser of two evils, McCain is about a 3 on a scale of 1-10, and Obama is a 12.5!

Your assumption that if Obama wins he will lay the groundwork for a succeeding Palin presidency has two fatal flaws. Michael Medved outlined these last week much better than I could. Here is a link:

8:55 AM  

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