Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Democrats drooling at chance for one party rule.

Bi-Partisan. The Dictionary defines it like this. Of, consisting of, or supported by members of two parties, especially two major political parties:  a bipartisan resolution.  

Wikipedia says this about it. In a two-party system (such as in the United States), bipartisan refers to any bill, act, resolution, or any other action of a political body in which both of the major political parties are in agreement. Often, compromises are called bipartisan if they reconcile the desires of both parties from an original version of legislation or other proposal. Failure to attain bipartisan support in such a system can easily lead to gridlock, often angering each other and their constituencies.

Nancy Pelosi who took months to get a drilling bill onto the floor claims that the Congress would be more Bipartisan if only Democrats were there. Sure. If you define Bipartisan as one party ruling all the people forever. We've seen that in history. It was called the Soviet Union. It's still used in Cuba, and China. The one party allowed is the Communist Party. 

Glad to see that the code words are thinning out now, and the Democrats are becoming honest about what they want. Wouldn't you agree comrade? 

UPDATE: Had forgotten to include links to the definitions. Sorry about that, it's fixed now.

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