Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thoughts on the election

I've spent some time considering the future, and have decided that this election is a win-win situation for Conservatisim.

I am convinced that if Obama wins the Liberals will pull out all the stops and run with Socialism Unleashed in Congress. This will have the expected and historically demonstrated effect if massive inflation, recession, and high unemployment. The funniest thing will be watching the press try and explain how this is a great economy.

I understand how the pain of those years will be uncomfortable, but it appears that there aren't enough of us who remember the Carter years. So our Children will have to live it to understand.

Just like with Carter, a voice will come from the country, and we'll rally behind them. In 1980, this was Ronald Reagan. In 2012, this may well be Palin, or Jindal. We wouldn't have had Reagan without Carter. We may have to endure Obama to move forward.

If McCain is elected, I believe the Liberals have taught him what we conservatives couldn't. The NY Times is no friend to Republicans. After the election, you can expect the liberals to again try and tempt the Maverick. I hope he will tell them to stuff it.

If he dies in office, we get Palin, who I honestly believe will do just fine.

I believe that this election has demonstrated once again that the era of the Blue Blood Country Club Replicans is over. McCain ran as a "Moderate" Republican, trying to be acceptable to the Democrats, and the liberal elites. This worked fine, getting McCain many eloquent and lovely endorsements. When he was the last Republican standing, the press turned on him in an instant. The liberals did pretend to love him, when he was fighting Republicans.

This election clearly demonstrates that you can't accomidate a Democrat, they aren't your friends, they are just the Hate America, Blame America, lunatics that we've been telling the Maverick they are.

Liberals are a scourge, and this election clearly shows they are untrustworthy pathological liars.

We can only hope the Republican Leadership has taken note.

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