Monday, November 03, 2008

School non communicative about Gay Pledge cards

The Kindergarden class of Miss. Tara Miller in Faith Ringgold School of Arts in Haywood California was given these cards to sign pledging to be tolerant of Homosexuals, even an ally of Homosexuals. 

Kindergarden children who have no clue what sexual behavior is, much less what Homosexual, Bisexual, or Transgender means. Yet, this card was given to the Children by a trusted adult, and she essentially leaned on them to sign and swear that they would abide by the promise on the card. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is outrageous. Although she could claim, especially after tomorrows election, should Obama be selected by the ACORN fraud of our electoral system, that she was only following the policies of the new administration. 

Liberals will start to indoctrinate your children at the earliest possible age. I'll leave you with this thought straight out of the Soviet Educational System's policies.

We must make the young into a generation of Communists. Children, like soft wax, are very malleable and they should be moulded into good Communists... We must rescue children from the harmful influence of the family
Liberals are apparently too Socialist to be trusted with even the youngest of our children. They can't help immediately starting to indoctrinate our kids into Socialist and Liberals thought. 

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