Monday, November 03, 2008

Why I'm happy tonight

As we cross over to election day, I'm planning on enjoying this week.

Either way the election is decided, Conservative Ideals will flourish. If Obama wins, as all the pundits swear will happen, then Americans are going to be very cold next winter, and burning hot in the summer, unable to affford Obama's energy plan for the nation.

His thug tendencies will come out as above, and his approval ratings will make Bush look popular in comparison.

The Fairness Doctrine will move Limbaugh to the XM network, and millions more Americans will tune out traditional Media causing more financial loss at the NY Times. We could well see the end of the Mainstream Media in the next decade.

Riots, pain, and tremendous levels of unrest, all from the Democratic Party techniques of pitting group against group, and ever increasing dependance on the Federal Government. This will result in larger unemployment numbers, and even higher taxes.

In this senario, the people will finally learn that the whiney hate America Blame America first Liberals are not their friends. I can see literal lynchings of Prominant Liberals like Barney Frank and Jack Murtha.

It's entirely possible that the people will wake up and realize in how much contempt the leadership holds them in. It's going to be painful, higher taxes, higher energy costs, and more restrictions on personal freedoms.

If McCain wins, we'll see the Liberals lose their minds, unwilling to accept that people detest Socialism. People in the out of touch elite Media will blame Race, refusing to accept the issues decided the matter.

Either way, I intend to enjoy this election

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