Sunday, October 19, 2008

Worst kept secret revealed.

I found the link at Hot Air, and followed it. The New York Times has revealed in a startling article, that Iran is training and supporting the terrorists who are killing not only the American Troops in the country, but the Iraqi Civilians. 

American officials have long cited Iranian training and weapons as reasons for the lethality of attacks by Shiite fighters in Iraq. Iranian officials deny that such training takes place.

Now, more than 80 pages of newly declassified intelligence documents for the first time describe in detail an elaborate network used by Iraqis to gain entry into Iran and train under Iranian supervision. They offer the most comprehensive account to date to support American claims about Iranian efforts to build a proxy force in Iraq. Those claims have become highly politicized, with Bush administration critics charging that accounts of Iranian involvement have been exaggerated.

Wow, the New York Times has finally reported that there are terrorists trained by the Iranian Government. This daring report by the Times probably just about wiped out their investigative skills for the decade. 

The prisoners’ accounts cannot be independently verified. Yet the detainees gave strikingly similar details about training compounds in Iran, a clandestine network of safe houses in Iran and Iraq they used to reach the camps and intra-Shiite tensions at the camps between the Arab Iraqis and their Persian Iranian trainers.

Well, while you all in New York are serving cheese and wine to the Iranian President next time he's in town, why not ask him about this? You could probably manage to ask him before his ticker tape parade, if you're not too busy beating up on McCain supporters to get around to it. 

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