Saturday, October 18, 2008

Conservatives need not apply.

There are many sites on the web which eschew Conservative Opinion. In fact, they tell you up front that they are specifically pushing the Democratic Party, and that agenda. Move on is one of those. Democratic Undergound, and of course, Huffington Post, require that the people who join agree to support and further Liberal Agenda items. 

Who We Are: Democratic Underground is an online community for Democrats and other progressives. Members are expected to be generally supportive of progressive ideals, and to support Democratic candidates for political office. Democratic Underground is not affiliated with the Democratic Party, and comments posted here are not representative of the Democratic Party or its candidates.

The advantage of those sites are obvious. They clearly show their members are not welcome to be conservatives, and they are honest, and up front, with their positions. 

This is not true of other sites, which we'll call, stealth liberal sites. 

They essentially do the same thing, push the Liberal Agenda, post constantly for Democratic Party platform ideals, and insult and demean the Conservatives. When a Conservative does respond, he or she, is chastised, or thrown out of the message board sites.

Stealth Liberal sites claim not to have a preference, however when you take a look around, the preference is obvious, and clear. Paperback swap is one of those perfect examples of a stealth liberal site.

They claim to be non partisan, however this claim is not backed up by actual experience. This exact post was made at the site, and the user was expelled for attacking. There is no attack towards an individual, no where in the post does it say that homosexuality is sinful, nor does it say that homosexuals should be somehow punished. 

It does take issue with the lie that people are born gay, and does so rightly. The idea that Genetic Markers exist that would predetermine the actions of the individual is laughable on it's face. That is the idea behind the movie Gattaca where people's DNA was used to determine if they were perfect, or Valid, or Imperfect, thus Invalid. 

The movie demonstrated an Orwellian future where your individual future was determined by the read out on your DNA. If you haven't seen it, imagine 1984, but more computers and technology.

The idea is from one very flawed and very questionable study, and the closely held belief that Liberals have, that Homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice. It is, obviously, but that apparently isn't an option to Liberals who want excuses for everything.

I personally don't care what you do as long as those involved are adults, and everyone agrees to the activity. In other words, as long as it's consensual adults, I could care less. 

I do object to the misrepresentation of science, and I do object to the idea that people are not in control of their own destiny. We can become anything we want to, so long as we're willing to work hard at it. That is the Conservative belief. 

The objectionable post, which is linked, and reposted here in it's entirety, is not objectionable based upon the terms of service. There was no personal attacks, I merely addressed the lies of the liberals, and the claims they used to justify the the lies.

For the Record, this is not the first time I've questioned the idea of Homosexuality being Genetic

Next, I'll discuss the denials of Paperback Swap. I was going to put their denials here, but then the post would be far too long and disjointed. I felt they should have their own blog entry, allowing the claims made to be fairly and accurately discussed. 



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