Saturday, October 18, 2008

Liberal Lies: Fair Elections

With all the discussions of ACORN and the systemic Voter Fraud they particpate in. I wonder why Liberals still claim that they favor fair elections.

Democrats in Ohio managed to keep 200,000 fraudulent votes for Obama in the system. The Supreme Court decided that the Ohio GOP did not have the standing to bring a suit against Ohio forcing them to do the right thing, and discount the 200,000 fraudulent votes from the tally. 

It's just too hard to weed out the Fraudulent Votes is the battle cry of the Democrats.

Too hard to insure an honest, and fair election? Too hard to allow the will of the people to be heard by the people? Too hard to see that fraud is eliminated? 

Liberals don't want a fair election, they want elections where THEY win. The people won't support them, so much like any third world tin pot dictator, the Liberals decide to help the people vote in the sham election by voting for them

It's painfully obvious now that Liberals will never allow a fair and free election to happen, and I call on all Conservatives to demand an end to Government funding of ACORN

It's bad enough the Democrats are working so hard to steal an election, it's worse that the Taxpayer is required to fund the theft. 

End Government support of Voter Fraud. Stop ACORN. 

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