Saturday, October 18, 2008

We're really not Partisan, I swear.

In this previous post, I highlighted the stealth liberal agenda of the website Paperback Swap. As promised, here is a discussion concerning their response to the proposed blog entry. 

To put this into context, it must be understood that the blog entry here, Liberal Lies: Born Gay, was made in exactly that wording on the message board. 

The response of the Paperback Swap site was to ban the user who posted it, for the post because it was deemed attacking. 

You agreed not to insult others in the forums. You apparently think widening

your "insult target" to large groups is okay. That "discussion" = "rant".

Perhaps this is your way of getting someone to insult you, so you can tattle

on them?

Whatever your agenda here, we will not argue this with you. We have gotten a

tidal wave of angry feedback - HALF of it from members who are outspoken

about being political conservatives. We do not have time to deal with this

foolishness, which is unnecessary and has nothing to do with swapping books.

You are not contributing to productive discussion; you are clearly intending

just to make other people angry, and we don't have the time to waste to

indulge your project.

Your account is closed.

PaperBackSwap Librarian

Obviously, I asked the site who I attacked, and what group was attacked. I pointed out that the post was intended to question the argument from one very flawed study that the behavioral trait known as homosexuality was genetic.

There was no response, so I wrote them from the email address associated with this blog, informing them of the intended post highlighting them as a stealth liberal site. 

Their response, well it was original. 

Thanks for allowing us to comment.  This claim is nonsense: what we do not tolerate on our forums is rudeness, obscenity or inflammatory-for-the-sake-of-being-inflammatory postings.  We have many active, longstanding members who self-identify as politically conservative - we can't give actual ratios since we don't track this.  We are not the slightest bit interested in the political beliefs of our members.  All members are welcome to express themselves in our Discussion Forums as long as they are courteous and rational.  Inflammatory posts without substance, designed only to "rile up" the Forums, are considered discourteous.

We have no political agenda when administering our Forums, although members (on both right and left) who are chastised for poor Forum behavior sometimes resort to that accusation.  What the members who make these accusations have in common is not any particular political leaning, but rather a dazzling lack of insight.  

Extremists on both sides seem eager (especially lately, with the upcoming election) to find a bias in the forum administration that simply isn't there.  We are accused from BOTH sides of not intervening enough - of being too tolerant of conservative postings, too tolerant of liberal postings - by members who seem to want us to help them polarize the membership.  We don't play that way - we intervene (on those occasions when we do intervene) only to preserve a decent level of rational, courteous discourse.

We don't share the details of reprimands with the membership or identify who has been reprimanded, for member privacy reasons; members who are chastised will thus sometimes believe they are being singled out, and draw paranoid conclusions from this assumption.  We think they would be comforted by seeing the big picture, if they could - but they can't, so the paranoia continues.  Perhaps paranoia/victimhood gives them a measure of comfort too, who knows?

Thanks again for asking about this,

The PaperBackSwap Team

Shortly after that arrived, I received a message to my original request for clarification. 

"Liberals" = a group.

We also responded to your blog request for comment.  We hope you find that information helpful.    

If after mid-November you want to use your account to request a book, contact us again and we'll consider it.  Until then, your account remains closed.  We are just not putting more of our time into this; we can't have members we need to babysit.  Paying so much attention to you, and to the response to you, takes our attention away from other members and their needs, and from all the other tasks we have to do to keep the site running.

The PaperBackSwap Team

So the group I attacked, was Liberals, and that isn’t permitted. 

Now, they claim they can’t for privacy reasons, discuss the status of a users account.

Yet, the discussions clearly showed that the members were informed before I was.  

People who understood the post was intended to discuss the flawed science and the implications of it should the science be correct despite the Gattaca like world it promised us wrote Paperback Swap and questioned my being kicked off the boards.

Paperback Swap replied in the thread. The response, well it was problematic on it’s face. They are reduced to the Mommy Answer for children, Because I said so.

Obviously, they aren’t liberal, really they aren’t. Why just like Mommy, they said so.

If you’re a conservative, and you’re looking for a place to discuss politics, I would suggest a number of sites for you, however Paperback Swap is not one of those sites. 

In the thread I started, with it’s post that was so terrible, so hate filled, that it caused me to be suspended. 

The obvious question, if the post was so terrible, why wasn’t it deleted? I don’t know their reason, I do know that it has served to silence the Conservatives on the message boards, so perhaps it is intended to serve as a warning like a dead body left hanging in a tree. Beware, or this could be you.

In my opinion, there is no doubt. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is true. Very true. Sad also.

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