Monday, October 20, 2008

More Voter Fraud Information from Ohio

In what will soon be a running joke punchline, like Florida in 2000, Ohio continues to have Vote Fraud problems. I've already highlighted the 200,000 fraudulent voter registrations in Ohio, which thankfully the Supreme Court said that the State didn't have to bother dealing with, but we now have even more information.

The Cincinnati Newspaper has this online

An Enquirer analysis of more than 8 million Ohio voter registration records found a litany of quirks, inconsistencies, errors, duplicate registrations and other problems with little more than two weeks until Election Day.

Thousands of voters appear on registration lists twice - some as many as six times. At least 589 registered voters - mostly in Franklin and Cuyahoga counties - were born in 1991 or later, which puts them under the legal voting age.

Voters are registered at post office boxes, office buildings with no residences, police stations and even park benches.

Some may be fraudulent, election officials say; many have more innocent explanations.

Sure, there are innocent explanations. Like the people who's address would in fact, mean that they're living in the middle of a river? Those people were obviously not trying to fraudulently register, they were just......confused?

Examples of suspect documents include multiple registration forms submitted in the same handwriting for different people. Or multiple forms for the same voter, with different Social Security numbers or dates of birth.

Some names appear to be taken from the phone book - even with abbreviations like "Wm" for William or "Robt" for Robert. Goldsmith said many of those have been referred to the Secretary of State and the Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office for investigation.

Voter registration forms don't always identify how someone was registered, but a group frequently identified as a source of bad registrations is the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN. According to the Associated Press, the FBI is investigating the group in several states for alleged voter registration fraud.

ACORN, which claims responsibility for registering 1.3 million low-income, minority and young voters, admits "errors in the process" that led to "a handful" of fraudulent registrations. But the organization said allegations of rampant fraud amount to partisan mudslinging.

"It's very frustrating to us. It may sound funny to people. But we have to spend hundreds of hours going over these forms. There's a lot of registration fraud. That's my belief," said Goldsmith, a Republican. "Voter fraud is another issue. The fact that you have voter registration fraud might open the door to the potential of election fraud."

Gee, Democrats who are trying to steal an election. Who would have seen this coming. Oh wait, that's right. Everyone. 

One person, one vote. For some reason, Liberals have an issue with this. Why can't they just let people vote the way the people want? Oh, that's right. Because Liberals don't win when they run as Liberals, so they have to cheat. 

One interesting side note on this story, there is a poll attached to this article, and at the time of this post, 75% of the people who had voted online (Totally non scientific) said that this would lead to a fraudulent election. 

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