Sunday, October 19, 2008

Liberal Lies: Socialism and Big Government

"Government is not the solution to the Problem, Government is the problem." Ronald Reagan

The claim that the lack of regulation is what caused the housing crisis, and the economic crisis, is flatly a lie. This is the Democratic Position, as it means that they are not culpable for the failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Yet, the truth is obviously the exact opposite. 

This video is damning to Democrats, because in just under nine minutes, you see Democrat after Democrat claiming that nothing was wrong with Fannie Mae, despite tons of evidence that it was rife with fraud. The problem wasn't lack of regulation. It was that the regulations were never applied. The problem wasn't that there were no rules, it's that the rules were never used. 

From the article claiming that the era of Big Government is back. 

"We nationalized financial institutions and banks by executive fiat," said David Kotok, chief investment officer of the New Jersey money management firm Cumberland Advisors. "Once this begins to occur, this trend has only one direction to go. The free-market-capitalism economy is history."

Liberals say the emergency is fostering a political climate friendly to big government.

"It creates an opportunity," said Matthew Yglesias of the Center for American Progress. "The current crisis makes it more likely that (Democrats) will be able to enact an expansive agenda."

"Then Reagan came along and went to the pre-1930s Republican point of view of trickle-down economics. The data show that didn't work. We are now at a turning point. Obama is coming back to the fundamental principles of the Roosevelt revolution."

However, the truth is, that Reagan's policies did work. Exactly as predicted. Demonstrably worked I might add.

In 1980, the taxes collected by the Federal Government were $517 Billion dollars. The taxes collected after ten years of "Reaganomics" in 1990 were $1 Trillion. Double the amount collected, with tax cuts showing the money in motion theory works. 

No nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity, yet the Democrats are promising just that. 

Now, the pundits insist, the era of smaller Government is over. Friends, the Government spent $3 Trillion dollars last year. You would think that with that kind of money, they could solve any and all problems once and for all. Yet, no problems were solved, nothing was accomplished. 

Socialism means that the Government is in charge, and with no successful programs to draw upon, what will the new programs look like? More Government interference, more waste, more problems, all which will be promised to be solved, with another new program. 

Socialism has been demonstrated to be a massive failure. Take the Soviet Union, and you see my point. Look at China, socialism automatically means repression. The only successful systems in China are the ones based upon the Capitalist model, which are tolerated while the Chinese pretend that the Government is in charge. 

Bigger Government doesn't solve the problem, it only makes the problem much worse. 

Why would Liberals lie about this? Easy to explain, when you realize that Liberals always believe they know what is best for you. As a Conservative, I only worry about what is best for me, and what environment gives you the best chance at success. I don't know what is best for you. I don't know you. I'm certain that no Government Program will be good for you. None has been good for any of us yet. 


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