Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why I'm not calling for Spitzer's resignation

My friends, I'm probably the only person who isn't calling for Governor Spitzer's resignation these days. I'm probably going to be denounced, but who cares.

First, here's why I'm not joining the chorus of both Republicans and Democrats who are demanding either his resignation or impeachment. I'm not upset about the apparent hypocracy of a former Prosecutor who made his reputation busting a prostitution ring in court. Hypocracy is pretty much the defining characteristic of the Democratic party. I don't want to run him out of office in shame, I would rather have him as the poster child of the Democratic Party.

Now, it was only ten years ago we learned that sex is a personal, unimpeachable, simply reprehensible act. Paying for that sex shouldn't make the personal and unimpeachable offense any worse. In fact, I don't see any reason why we should follow up on this matter any more. If he's in fact guilty of purchasing consensual sexual favors, the perhaps a small fine and a promise to the court never to do so again is probably sufficient, it's still about sex, and that isn't a crime right?

No, don't impeach Spitzer, leave him be. Let's get back to the important business of running the nation now shall we?


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