Saturday, February 23, 2008

Artist commits suicide after simple choice

In a very sad story out of England, and one that mirrors similar stories of guilt from some people whom I've talked to, a woman has committed suicide after having an abortion.

Friends, let's take a moment and discuss choice. Choices are often difficult, and sometimes are fairly easy. Some choices have minimal impact on your or other lives. Frankly, it probably doesn't matter if you eat at Burger King or McDonalds. In the case of lives, choices matter a bit more.

I was chastised by a liberal friend who told me that men never create anything. They only destroy, or modify what already exists. Only women, who reproduce, actually create anything, they create life. She was outraged that I mentioned that it wasn't life, it was a non viable tissue mass. I admit that throwing the liberal argument back at her was a tad unfair.

The point is this, I've always felt that the error we make should be the one on the side of life. If we're going to make a mistake, let's make that mistake on the side of life, not death. Now don't go claiming that belief means I can't support capital punishment. Some people just don't need to be with us on the planet. Could I throw the switch? Well it depends. In the case of Timothy McVeigh, I think I could take him out with a car batter and a set of jumper cables. Nothing personal Timmy. We just can't have you in society with us.

Back on topic. Trying to convince many of us that it's not alive is a big old lie. It's a life. What's the old joke? Two things you never let people see how they are made. Sausages and Laws is the old joke answer. Two things that you shouldn't ever allow people to see the truth about, Abortion is one of those things. Liberalism is of course the other true thing you should never allow people to see.

Abortions aren't a simple procedure. They are a choice, which the moral compass's of many people make them regret for a very long time. There are studies out now that indicate that the American Psychiatric Association is ignoring a very serious problem in post abortion mental stresses. The APA tries to pretend it's just a simple choice, yet suicide rates among women who've had abortions is roughly twice as high for women who've had a miscarriage. After an abortion more than 34 women out of 100,000 will commit suicide.

Ladies, that's an astounding number. Take a moment and consider it. The pro abortion groups including the APA and Planned Parenthood ignores the deaths of tens of thousands of adult women every year, because the truth about that would affect public support for Abortions.

It's not just a choice ladies, it a decision you have to be able to live with. It won't be easy, and you'll need some help with it.


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