Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Does party trump principal?

As we enter Super Tuesday, the mainstream press is busy telling us that McCain is about unstoppable, and now Townhall commentator John Hawkins is busy telling us to unite for the good of the Party behind McCain.

OK, let me get this straight. I'm supposed to show party loyalty to a man who's almost never been loyal to that same party? Can someone take a moment to explain that to me?

Now, party loyalty aside, should I, or you, be told to place principal on the back burner, compromise on that principal, and vote for a candidate you disagree with on many issues? My answer is no, you shouldn't be expected to compromise on your principals that much.

Look, let's be honest. There's no such thing as a perfect candidate. For myself, I'm not a huge pro-life supporter. I believe that we should error on the side of life, but for me it's not a make or break issue. In fact, I really don't have any litmus test issues. In other words, if you're in favor of amnesty the McCain-Feingold law that limited free speech, that may sour my stomach a bit, but not enough to prevent me for supporting you financially and with my vote.

However, if I have enough of those pills to sour my stomach, eventually I'm going to decide I can't support you and feel even moderately positive about it. With John McCain, as you can see from my other posts, it would literally be that bad. I would have to swallow a dozen pills, each one a stomach souring test of personal strength. At some point, we all have to say, enough, no more, and here's the line I'm not crossing. McCain knows no such line. He'll gladly sacrifice any principal for power, and that's not what I want in a Candidate.

I haven't agreed with Bush on many issues, and I've written many times about what I consider to be his errors. I've told him when he's done something right, and when he's done something wrong. I did vote for him twice, and although I disapproved of many of his actions in his first term, I still voted for him in 2004 because the number of sour pills wasn't intolerably high.

With McCain, it's unendurably high, and that's why I'm not supporting him, for the party, or any other reason. I don't believe McCain will remain concrete on any issue, I just don't trust him to remain honorable behind any of his so called positions. McCain has previously said he'd negotiate anything. I don't want that in a President.

With me, some things are off the table, I'm betting you have some things you'll never allow, no matter what gain is promised. I won't ever support the idea of a National Health Care, or Universal Health Care. When it's proposed again, I'll fight it again, and again, and how ever often I need to to prevent it. I detest gun laws, and believe they violate the Constitution, and won't ever negotiate one into being no matter what promises you make me.

McCain isn't firmly for or against anything. After spending months putting together a secret legislative option, the McCain Kennedy amnesty bill, he then insulted everyone who said it was a bad piece of work. According to him, we didn't have time for hearings on the legislation, we didn't have time to consider it, we needed to move now. If you opposed him, you were only doing so for racist motives. We had to rely on Democrats to end that disturbing piece of legislation, because we couldn't rely on McCain not to sell us out for more time on camera.

McCain may well be the King of Compromise, if so, he's never going to be the person I want representing my nation. I'd rather have Hillary or Obama. At least with them, I know they won't sell some of their principals down the river for short term political gains. Each of us must have something we hold sacred, that we won't surrender easily. I don't think McCain has such a belief, something he holds sacred and won't throw away for some perceived political gain.

No, I won't be loyal to the party for a man who's shown no loyalty to the party.


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