Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Atlantic says Gore's endorsement is crucial

The Atlantic Magazine is apparently a bit out of touch. In this particular article, the author, Joshua Green agues that an endorsement from Al Gore could put Obama over the top.

Gore’s home state, which could wind up making the difference. Democratic polling there is somewhat sparse, especially that done after John Edwards’s withdrawal. But Tennessee looks to be a state in which Clinton currently holds a lead—that is, unless a certain favorite son were to endorse her opponent. (emphasis mine)

OK, I'm sorry, I thought we were talking about Al Gore, the same Vice President who when running for the top job as a shoe in lost Tennessee.

See Liberals, because you think that someone is really awesome, you assume that everyone does, or should. That's what's driving the McCain madness in the media right now. It's this disconnect with reality that really brings you all to all these weird mental problems like PEST where you can't understand how the rest of the nation doesn't agree with you and your small circle of equally out of touch friends.

Gore lost his home state by almost a hundred thousand votes. HIS HOME STATE. Let's consider that for a moment. The State where he was a Senator, he lost. I mean come on guys, even Jimmy Carter, who in 1980 only won six states and the District of Columbia managed to win his home state. Carter was a disaster as a President, and he managed to maintain his home state's loyalty. Mr. Green, I'm sorry sir, but you're really not getting good information here and that's part of the problem.

You see, if you all on the left don't hurry up and wake up, we're going to be stuck with McCain for President, and that would be a fate which would be unendurable in my mind. Now, I understand that you all think that the sun rises and sets on Al Gore's inconvenient ass, however we need to work together here to prevent a McCain Presidency. So forget any endorsement from Al Gore carrying the day, the Liberals on the various web pages awaiting their marching orders are going to assume that Gore is endorsing whomever they're looking at right now. Wait until after the nomination is sewed up, and quietly include his name if you think it's a help, but don't screw up Obama's chances right now with this idea that it will help him win.

Now, very quietly, step back from the keyboard, and leave Gore's name out of this. Only together can we prevent a McCain Presidency OK?



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