Sunday, February 10, 2008

Turns out Conservatives aren't the only ones annoyed

In an article in Rolling Stones mag, it seems that the Conservatives who have been blasted for weeks now and told to make nice with the Liberal John McCain, presumptive nominee for President of the Republicans aren't alone. In 2006 we heard the Democratic and Republican party bosses telling us they had learned their lessons, that they had to stay fully committed to the issues that their voters expected.

In the case of the Republicans, the constant tacking to the left every time a debate got started was asinine. Stop apologizing for being conservatives, and start to vote like conservatives. Fight for our beliefs, and our ideals, and get the problems fixed for once.

In the case of the Democrats, the message was heard loud and clear. Get us out of Iraq right now. The liberal, and interestingly enough the Democrats with the highest visibility nationally said they would get us out of Iraq and as we approach election 2008, we're there, stronger and bigger than before.

The article is titled The Chicken Doves and expresses a lot of frustration that the left has with the Party bosses that is looking only for Political Power. It could easily be written by a conservative who is tired of waiting on any conservative issue. Abortion for example, which the pro-McCain pundits are already in a panic uncorking this tired old issue. "If we elect a Democrat, we're liable to have Liberal Judges that wouldn't overturn Roe V. Wade." Guys, if you wanted to do something about Roe v. Wade, you would have done it. You don't do it because you want the issue to scare voters into supporting you. Now, the Left is learning belatedly, that the Democratic Party doesn't care any more about their ideas than the Republican Party does it's base.

The War in Iraq is replacing Abortion as the issue of choice to explain why we should vote for the party choices, but nothing ever gets done on either issue. Assuming that the War in Iraq goes the way that the Abortion issue has been, then we'll be in Iraq until long after our grand children are gone, each election cycle we need to send a message by voting for either Democrats, or Republicans, that we want the War in Iraq either won or lost.

Democrats don't really care about the lives lost, because there are a million lives lost in Abortion clinics each year, so it's not that, it's the very idea of a war that they voted FOR actually working.

From the article. But any suggestion that the Democrats had an obligation to fight this good fight infuriates the bund of hedging careerists in charge of the party. In fact, nothing sums up the current Democratic leadership better than its vitriolic criticisms of those recalcitrant party members who insist on interpreting their 2006 mandate as a command to actually end the war. Rep. David Obey, chair of the House Appropriations Committee and a key Pelosi-Reid ally, lambasted anti-war Democrats who "didn't want to get specks on those white robes of theirs." Obey even berated a soldier's mother who begged him to cut off funds for the war, accusing her and her friends of "smoking something illegal."

Liberals are discovering that the party cares little for their ideas, and in fact, has only used their ideas to gain further funding, and attempting to elect and re-elect themselves on the issue.

Returning to Abortion, which like the War in Iraq is becoming a staple issue in each election, McCainiacs are screaming that Abortion is the issue that we can't forget this election cycle, we need McCain as President to appoint judges who will overturn Roe V. Wade. However, instead of focusing on the battle for the Court, why not circumvent the court? Why not go the route of a Constitutional Amendment? Once you've passed that, either guaranteeing in writing a womans choice, or prohibiting that choice and it's cost of a million lives a year, further debate is really not at issue is it? The reason that they won't pass an Amendment to the Constitution is simple, if they settle the issue once and for all, they can't use it to get your money, an your vote for them to fight for your side of the issue.

The conservative principal is one of maximum freedom, while at the same time protecting the lives of our citizens from harm.

But the war is where they showed their real mettle. Before the 2006 elections, Democrats told us we could expect more specifics on their war plans after Election Day. Nearly two years have passed since then, and now they are once again telling us to wait until after an election to see real action to stop the war. In the meantime, of course, we're to remember that they're the good guys, the Republicans are the real enemy, and, well, go Hillary! Semper fi! Yay, team!

What is scaring the political bosses is this. We're starting to wake up out here in fly over country. We're waking up to their same old games. The Internet is really a mother on bringing up old comments from them and looking at them to find out what they're really saying. Before that, we had to rely on special interest groups to rate the elected for us. I think the Liberals are starting to realize that the Democrats have no intention of actually ending the war, it's a good way to get the votes out each November, and it's wonderful on fund raising efforts.

I'm going to assume that in 2010, the Liberals will have figured this out, and will demand real action on Iraq, much as the Right Wing demanded action on Abortion, once and for all, after electing Bush and the Republicans for four years. The Republicans tried to hand the conservative base a token win, reduced or eliminated federal funding for Abortions internationally. Yeah Team. What about the amendment to ban Abortions? No. What about actions to end Abortions at the state level? Oh, that would violate Roe V. Wade, and we can't do that right now, sorry. You'll have to contribute and vote again, and again, and again, before we can do anything about it.

Libs. Welcome to the real world, where issues are ways that a politician uses you for money, and a vote. I for one believe that the goals of our troops in Iraq, to survive and win, are admirable, and worthy. I've said before that the issue of Abortion isn't a make or break issue with me, and it's true. For one, I know that by electing candidate A over candidate B nothing will happen. If we elect Candidate B over A, nothing will happen. It's a cash cow issue for the parties, and they're not going to kill the goose laying the golden egg are they?

I'm reasonably sure that if we elect Hillary, or Obama, we'll stay in Iraq for another four years. I just know that neither of them will want to have the surrender to Islamic Fascists on their resume. They want in on George Bush's resume, or McCain's resume, but not on their own history. Bill Clinton is still blamed for the loss in Somalia. Bush is still in the Balkans because he doesn't want a loss, so it's just easier to continue the mission, even if he campaigned against it, than deal with the loss.

Enjoy the article and welcome to the 21st Century libs, where your opinions are heard, considered, and after you contribute the maximum to the right candidate, ignored.

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