Friday, February 01, 2008

Wait a minute, you're serious about that?

Yes friends, for some reason, people think that everybody denouncing McCain right now is going to suddenly change their minds and support him for the good of the Party. Nope, most of us aren't.

I've violated my general rule here, which is to give a single warning before someone does something stupid. An example, if I see a man about to climb a fence to enter an enclosure with a big old Brahma Bull, I am morally bound to give him one warning. "Mister, I don't believe I'd do that if I was you, that ain't exactly the friendliest creature on earth. I believe you just might upset him." Now let's for the sake of argument say that our intrepid journeyman is bound and determined, which is the case all too often. "Don't worry, I'm just going to get my picture taken with the cow."

"Have a nice day sir." Is usually my last response. Now I'm free to stand back and watch the show, which in this case would involve an angry bull being territorial, and a fool being eliminated from the gene pool. Have I ever done something like that for real? Yes I have.

On more than one occasion in fact. Usually I'm left with either physically restraining the person, and being charged with assault for it, or sitting back and enjoying the show. I'm rarely disappointed in the show. I figure it's only fair that I should get some entertainment out of this, and I am. I'm watching the Press that heralded John McCain carry his water and pronounce that he's electable, the only electable choice, knowing that they are lying.

Here's why I know they are lying. The NY Times and the millions of reporters out there aren't suddenly going to turn on the Democratic Party and run to John McCain. Senator McCain who's brilliant and wise now, will soon be labeled as dumb like every other Republican who's run for office in the last fifty years. The Party is praying that people like me don't really mean it, and will in fact turn out to vote against Hillary. We won't. We didn't turn out to vote against Clinton by voting for Dole. We didn't turn out to vote against Clinton by voting for the incumbent George HW Bush. Instead, we voted third party, if we voted at all.

Now, you folks are rolling the dice, and pretending that the NY Times has a reason to help you. It doesn't, and wouldn't help you do anything but become more liberal. Go ahead, pick the electable candidate and see where we are in November. I will not now, nor will I ever vote for McCain. I'll pull the lever for a third party, long before I pick McCain. Figure about ten million of us mean that, and when you consider how close the last election was, do you really think it won't matter? I know, you've been ignoring us Conservatives for so long you figure we don't matter, enjoy, we'll be over here watching you pose for the picture with the bull.



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