Sunday, March 16, 2008

Elliot Spitzer and the cloud of Prostitution

Friends, the reason, the obviously simple reason that I haven't commented beyond my last post on the Client number nine nonsense is I don't care.

Look, let's be honest. If a woman's body is hers to have an abortion, it's hers to rent out in my opinion. I personally believe that we should have legalized houses and services where we can regulate the sex industry. "Kristen" wouldn't have committed a crime, and neither would Spitzer in that situation. Wait isn't that a violation of the Conservative Social Values?

No it's not. Here's why. Churches are for people who wish to use them. There is no law which says you have to attend, and I would protest any attempts to create such a law. The houses of ill repute, or whore houses, would be the same, a place for those who wish to use them. I would be wrong in my efforts to force my personal values upon you, just as you would be wrong in forcing your values upon me. If a grown woman, legally an adult, or grown man, wished to offer their services and the company that entails, then fine with me.

If the argument for Abortion is that if we ban it then women would be forced, forced mind you, to seek dangerous back alley and illegal abortions, then why don't we apply that argument to prostitution? It's the same subject, women and their bodies, and their rights. I for one support "Kristen" in her choice of employments, and her apparent skill. Seriously, if you're going to be a prostitute, it's obviously better to be a $4,300 an hour call girl than it is to be a $20 a pop street walker, which is why I would support the legalization of, and standardization of, such service. By standardization I mean the regulation of the health issues which plague our society.

If you don't legalize Prostitution, people will be forced, FORCED mind you, to seek dangerous and illegal alternatives. That's slightly tongue in cheek, but also realistically honest. It's your life, live it how you will. If you wish to live it in that lifestyle, then try and be careful, and most of all try and rise to the top of the earning chain.

Ashley, which is "Kristen's" real name. I don't blame you, and I hope you are as successful at your next endeavors. I don't think any less of Ashley for her lifestyle choice, and I'm sure we agree it was a choice, than I do homosexuals, or any other lifestyle choice. Conservative means that I respect your choices, and you respect mine. It's a shame that most Liberals don't respect lifestyle choices, instead forcing foods upon us that tastes horrible, but is good for us.

Elliot, I'll skip the hypocrisies again. You are after all a Democrat, and I expect that.


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