Sunday, August 27, 2006

Liberals admit they are praying for another 9-11

Wow, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed the Nut Roots on the far left fringe of society had it in them. Ace of Spades gets the big nod on this one.

Russell Shaw, comments that those of us who support the War on Terror, or "George Bush's War on Terror" as the Libs call it, would change our minds if we were attacked.

What if another terror attack just before this fall's elections could save many thousand-times the lives lost?
I start from the premise that there is already a substantial portion of the electorate that tends to vote GOP because they feel that Bush has "kept us safe," and that the Republicans do a better job combating terrorism.
If an attack occurred just before the elections, I have to think that at least a few of the voters who persist in this "Bush has kept us safe" thinking would realize the fallacy they have been under.
If 5% of the "he's kept us safe" revise their thinking enough to vote Democrat, well, then, the Dems could recapture the House and the Senate and be in a position to:

Wow Russell, that is great, if only we get attacked again, then people might be willing to surrender on the war on Terror. Apparently Russell thinks he lives in Spain, after every attack, we get angry all over again, and if there was another attack, which by the way we do expect, we would demand blood, not President Bush's blood, but the IslamoFascists who are determined to slaughter us all. Of course, the Democratic Plan of cut and run

Oh wait, we tried surrender and it didn't work. Despite your short memory spell the section which states Be less inclined to launch foolish wars, absence of which would save thousands of soldiers' lives- and quite likely moderate the likelihood of further terror acts.

Yep, that is what the War on Terror is, a foolish war that only makes the threat of terror more likely. Tell me, what action precipitated 9-11? Or the USS Cole? Remember those events?

Russel, you are an godsend.I recognize that some will want to silence you, and unlike those very few I don't want you to change one little bit. I want you out there, telling people what you think, because an informed populace, informed on what nuts like you and the rest of the Liberal Loons in the Democratic Party really think and believe. The average citizen doesn't know what the Democrats really stand for. They don't believe us on the Right when we tell them what you say, so thankfully, you are out there blogging your heart out to make sure we all learn your true ideals and beliefs.

Give it twenty more years, and California will be a Red State too.



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