Thursday, August 31, 2006

Is Air America Going Broke?

According to the Radio Equalizer, Air America is so short of money that they are having problems paying their news bill to the Associated Press Network. AP Network is the most common news network you will hear on news breaks at radio stations nation wide.

Air America has tried to pretend that they have listeners, most often resulting in an did not place asterick during rating periods.

However what caught my attention is the wannabe Conservative who decided to start a blog calling on all Conservatives to jump off a cliff.

His address is "ilovebeingstupid" which is of course accurate since he is obviously a liberal. Liberals as we all know take pride in being stupid. They demand we worship at the alter of Darwin.

Since I have nothing to fear from any liberal, especially since they are reducing their chances at a Majority all the time, I dediced to mock him here, which is operating on the assumption that he is male, granted. So our limp wristed whiner doesn't like the Air America posts. Who really cares what a Liberal likes, in 20 years, California will be a Red State, and Liberals will be even more outragous and in your face with the hysteronics that they utilize so poorly.



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