Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Democrats are recruiting Seminar Callers

Those of you who have listened to Rush Limbaugh in the past know that he as well as other Radio Personalities have long had Liberals calling in trying to pretend to be Conservative and "fans" of the shows. These "Seminar" callers are recruited to call in and pretend to be Republicans who disagree with whatever the topic is today.

If you doubt that these Seminar callers exist, you are about to be educated.

From the Democratic Underground aka Dummies thread.

Call right wing radio, get the message out
Edited on Thu Aug-24-06 02:15 AM by cooolandrew
It's great that we have air america but the knowledge that we do gain from these stations needs to be disseminated. My idea is to call all right wing shows and let the know the truths on economy, war and the aftermath of Katrina. Always best to make out that you are a right winger to get past the screeners. Just a suggestion but it might just work.Start the mantra 'Joe Lieberman is a loser.' If they can brainwash so can we.

Two responses are obviously stereotypical Liberal.

rodeodance (1000+ posts)
1. We need to come across with good arguments not just name calling or

cooolandrew (54 posts)
2. Yeah, but...
That is fine but we are talking about people who think with their fists first. They have been brought up on sound bites. It's ok if you are against mantras, good arguments are fine too. It just seems to me that the right are more prepared to listen to us via their radio show than by any other means. Strange but true.

OK, so they have no listeners on their Air America network. Frankly, more people tune in static on their radios than listen to Air America. If it wasn't for Conservatives with a taste for Schadenfreude Air America probably wouldn't have any listeners.

Now, these poor deluded nuts think they have to lie to get on the air with the "Right Wing Radio" shows. That would be the shows with listeners. Tell you what Libs, try calling in as a Liberal, and see what happens. I have listened to Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Neil Boortz and can tell you from my own listening experience that they LOVE Liberals who call in. You are put right on the air, and all of America, the Millions of listeners at home and on the road anxiously wait for you to make a complete ass of yourself.

Call in, explain what the Democratic Plan is to make us safer. So far, it's NOTHING. Explain how you would fight the War on Terror, of course we already know. Explain your plan for anything, on any subject, we look forward to it. You Libs have proposed NOTHING, NO Plan, you haven't proposed any legislation to address anything. All you want to do is complain that our programs to hunt terrorists are violating the rights of the poor downtrodden mass murdering lunatics.

Libs always plan on starting with a lie, because they have so much experience in lies that the truth is foreign territory for them. You see we aren't brainwashing other people, we are telling them the truth about things. I just got done converting a life long Liberal to Conservativism, it only took a year of slowly chipping away at his belief foundation and the truth set him free. He is now an educated free thinker, it wasn't brainwashing, it was breaking through the brain washing. Thankfully, you Liberals did all the hard work for me, as I move on to another target to convert to Conservative ideals. You liberals did all the hard work by basing your beliefs on lies, that means that once they start to see truth, fact over fiction, that the rest of it crumbles like a sand castle. Propaganda from the left will never win out over truth from the rest of us.

Conservative Ideals Work, time tested, and proven over the long run.

Update: There are more responses to the thread, and not one of the responses knows enough about the radio shows they hate to realize that Liberals who call in are put right to the front. Not one suggests telling the truth about who they are (kind of telling isn't it) or being honest.



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